"This is not Disneyland, or Hollywood. I'll give you an example: I've read that I flew up the hills and mountains of France. But you don't fly up a hill. You struggle slowly and painfully up a hill, and maybe, if you work very hard, you get to the top ahead of everybody else." - Lance Armstrong

Everyone must have a signed Recyclers Participation, Release and Indemnity Agreement on file with the club in order to participate

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December 2017

December 17, 2017

Elfin Forest Ride 3 Chain Rings
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Distance: 36.5 Miles
Climb: 2738 feet

Ride the rural and sparsely developed areas of Oivenhain, Elfin Forest, Harmony Grove and Rancho Santa Fe. See the new community of San Elijo Hills near San Marcos. Enjoy the challenge of the rolling hills of Harmony Grove and Elfin Forest.See the view from the overlook of Hodges Dam. Enjoy the down hill cruise into Rancho Santa Fe and the coffee stop, in the Village.

December 24, 2017

Loma Liberty and the Zoo too aka Dr. Z's wild ride. 2 Chain Rings
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Distance: 29 Miles
Climb: 1247 Feet

Start from the Old Town Trolley Stop head out to Ocean Beach, Point Loma, around Liberty Station, Harbor Drive and then up to Balboa Park. Cruise around the park exiting on 6th Street. Proceed through North Park and Mission Hills to Presidion Park returning to the Trolley Stop.

December 31, 2017

Tour De Campus 2 Chain Rings
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Distance: 33 Miles
Climb: 1674 feet

Ride starts at Mission Bay through Rose Canyon and up to UCSD. After climbing Gillman drive cross the campus and make our way to the top of Torrey Pines Road. We ride back down La Jolla Scenic Drive through Bird Rock and Pacific Beach along the coast then back to Mission Bay. Once around the West side of the bay, then back to the beginning.

January 2018

January 7

3B Balboa, Bonita San Diego Bay 1 Chain Rings
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Distance: 37.7 miles
Climb: 1230 Feet

Another version of the Don Fritzges Bay Ride. Start at Balboa Park, head through the park, the Gaslamp and down to Harbord Dr., follow the usual route to National City Marina and Pepper Park, where we pick up the bike path to Bonita Plaza Rd. Through Bonita, Chula Vista and then rejoin the Bay route to Coronado. Take the ferry back across San Diego Bay then back up Ash to A and 3rd to Balboa Park. May add a few miles around the park on the end.

January 14

Dehesa Road to Alpine 3 Chain Rings
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Distance: 31 Miles
Climb: 2307 Feet

A challenging climbing ride from Rancho San Diego near Cuyamaca College, out Willow Glen Drive past Rancho San Diego Golf course to Dehesa Road by the Singing Hills Country Club. Dehesa Road to Tavern Road up to Alpine for Coffee. Then through Harbison Canyon back down Dehesa Road back to Rancho San Diego.

January 21

Oceanside to Dana Point 2 Chain Rings
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This ride has two starts, the 7:15 start is at Oceanside Harbor and the 8:15 start is from Las Pulgas Road, just outside Camp Pendleton. The early start crosses Camp Pendleton (Be sure to carry picture ID for entering the base.) and meets the rest of the group at Las Pulgas. Then we ride Pacific Coast Highway to San Celemente, then El Camino Real through San Clemente to Dana Point. Then we turn around and go back.

Important: If you plan to start in Oceanside you must register with Camp Pendleton at least 7 days prior to the ride. You will be notified only if your request is rejected. Registration is valid for 1 year. Registration (large purple button) can be accessed here:

January 28

New El Monte Park Ride 2 Chain Rings
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Distance: 34.51 Miles
Altitude climb: 1369 Feet

Beginning at Woodglen Vista Park in Santee, West to Mission Trails Park turn around at south entrance turn East again through Santee and Lakeside, and turn around at El Monte Park. Return back through Lakeside to Santee and back to Woodglen Vista Park.

Until next time, stay well friends, and we hope you can all make the ride this weekend!!!
Remember to RIDE SAFE and have FUN!!!!