Recyclers - Olympic Training Ride

Street Dist.
Start at corner of Marina Parkway and Marina Park Way
(J Street exit on I-5)
0.00 mi
Right on Marina Parkway 0.1 mi
Right on Bike Path (Just before Bay Blvd) 0.3 mi
Becomes Anita St 2.0 mi
Right on Frontage Rd 2.1 mi
Right on Bike Path 2.3 mi
Becomes Saturn Blvd/19th St 2.9 mi
Left on Leon Ave 4.3 mi
Right on Hollister St 4.8 mi
Left on Monument Rd 6.4 mi
Becomes Dairy Mart Rd 7.3 mi
Left on Beyer Blvd 9.1 mi
Right on Del Sol Blvd 9.6 mi
Left on Beyer Way 9.7 mi
Left on Picador Blvd 10.3 mi
Becomes Beyer Way Again 10.4 mi
Bear Left on 4th Ave 11.1 mi
Right on K St 13.5 mi
Left on 2nd Ave 14.0 mi
Right on Kearney St 14.1 mi
Left on 1st Ave 14.4 mi
Right on Bonita Rd
15.7 mi
Right on Bonita Rd 16.1 mi
Continue on Bonita Rd (Right) 19.2 mi
Becomes San Miguel Rd 19.8 mi
Right on Procter Valley Rd 20.7 mi
Left on San Miguel Ranch Rd 21.2 mi
Left on Proctor Valley Rd 23.2 mi
Right on Hunte Parkway 24.2 mi
Left on Otay Lakes Rd 25.3 mi
Right on Wueste Rd 26.2 mi
Left on Olympic Pkwy 27.0 mi
Regroup Olympic Training Center Entrance 27.4 mi
Continue on Olympic Parkway 27.4 mi
Becomes Orange Ave 33.8 mi
Left on Palomar St 36.4 mi
Right on Bay Blvd (Move to Bike Path on Left) 37.2 mi
Left on Marina Parkway 38.5 mi
Left on Marina Way 38.7 mi
End Where it all began 38.8 mi
Disclaimer: All riders ride at their own risk and the Recyclers' Club assumes no responsibility. The club (Recyclers) rides typically range from between 30 and 50 miles at an average speed of approximately 15 MPH. To the best of our ability, we try to keep the group together during rides by making route instructions available prior to the ride and by regrouping at various points along the ride. Routes are subject to change without notice. Riders are responsible for their own actions and ensuring that they can find their way if they become separated from the group. Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The club makes no representations as to safety; road, traffic, animal, or weather conditions; level of difficulty; accuracy of route descriptions; or availability of provisions and/or facilities on routes provided for club rides.