Recyclers - A Jewel A Loch and A Magic Cristobal

Street Dist.
Start at:
Gillman Drive Park N Ride
Just North of I-5 on left
0.00 mi.
South on Gilman Dr 0.0 mi.
Turn Left on La Jolla Colony Dr 0.22 mi.
Turn Right on Palmilla Dr 0.92 mi.
Turn Right on Lebon Dr. 1.55 mi.
Turn Right on Nobel Dr. 1.81 mi.
Turn Left on Regents Rd 2.16 mi.
Turn Right on Eastgate Mall 2.81 mi.
Turn Left on Miramar Rd 4.91 mi.
Turn Left on Camino Santa Fe 5.72 mi.
Turn Right on Carroll Rd 6.42 mi.
Turn Left on Carroll Way 6.84 mi.
Turn Right on Trade St 7.1 mi.
Turn Left on Trade Pl 7.43 mi.
Turn Right on Arjons Dr 7.75 mi.
Turn Left on Miralani Dr 8.31 mi.
Turn Right on Camino Ruiz 8.84 mi.
Turn Left on Activity Rd 8.95 mi.
Turn Left on Black Mountain Rd 9.65 mi.
Turn Right on Maya Linda Rd 9.96 mi.
Turn Right on Carroll Canyon Rd 10.43 mi.
Turn Right on Scripps Lake Dr 11.48 mi.
Turn Left to Lake Mirarmar 11.96 mi.
Turn Right on Miramar Lake Rd 12.09 mi.
Turn Right Driveway 16.87 mi.
Turn Right Scripps Lake Dr 16.89 mi.
Turn Left on Scripps Ranch Blvd 17.46 mi.
Turn Right on Maya Linda Rd 18.51 mi.
Turn Left on Gold Coast Dr 18.65 mi.
Turn Right on Black Mountain Rd 19.06 mi.
Turn Right on Hillery Dr 19.58 mi.
Turn Left Westview Pkwy 19.81 mi.
Coffee Break
Panera Brea,
Starbucks Coffee
Jamba Juice
20.0 mi.
South on Westview Parkway 20.0 mi.
Turn Right on Hillery Dr 20.37 mi.
Turn Right on Westonhill Dr 21.28 mi.
Turn Left on Aquarius Dr 22.56 mi.
Turn Right on Camino Ruiz 23.06 mi.
Turn Left on Calle Cristobal 23.17 mi.
Becomes Sorrento Valley Blvd 25.49 mi.
Turn Left on Vista Sorrento Pkwy 28.48 mi.
Turn Left on Mira Mesa Blvd 29.74 mi.
Turn Right on Scranton Rd 29.97 mi.
Becomes Carroll Canyon Rd 30.27 mi.
Turn Right on Camino Santa Fe 32.37 mi.
Turn Right on Miramar Rd 33.06 mi.
Turn Left on Nobel Dr 34.14 mi.
Turn Left on Lebon Dr 36.69 mi.
Turn Right on Chamant Dr 36.94 mi.
Turn Right on La Jolla Colony Dr 37.79 mi.
Turn Right on Gilman Dr 38.48 mi.
End at Park N RIde 38.71 mi.
Disclaimer: Club (Recyclers) rides typically range from between 30 and 50 miles at an average speed of approximately 15 MPH. To the best of our ability, we try to keep the group together during rides by making route instructions available prior to the rid e and by regrouping at various points along the ride. Routes are subject to change without notice. Riders are responsible for their own actions and ensuring that they can find their way if they become separated from the group. Riders under the age of 18 m ust be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The club makes no representations as to safety; road, traffic, animal, or weather conditions; level of difficulty; accuracy of route descriptions; or availability of provisions and/or facilities on routes provid ed for club rides.