After your first day of cycling, one dream is inevitable. A memory of motion lingers in the muscles of your legs, and round and round they seem to go. You ride through Dreamland on wonderful dream bicycles that change and grow. -- H.G. Wells, The Wheels of Chance

November 13, 2006

General Info - (Featured Article -- Brian Thornburgh is doing 100 for 50)

Folks, Greta Larson had informed me that our own Brian Thornburgh will not be joining our ride this weekend, as he will be riding in the Tour de Tucson instead. Rumor has it that Brian plans on doing the Century Ride, in part to celebrate his turning 50 this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN and GOOD LUCK form all of us! Our own Neal Anthony, too, will be riding in the Tucson ride. GOOD LUCK NEAL!

The new batch of Recycler Jerseys has been ordered. We're expecting the Jerseys to be delivered sometime during the last two weeks of December (whenever Santa can fit us in). There should be about 8 to 10 extra Jerseys, so, even if you didn't order all that you wanted, or you weren't with us when we solicited orders, you still might have a chance at one or two. We'll keep you informed.

Also, please check out the new content on our web page, Neil Schneider has really done us proud. Thanks so much for your good work Neil. I know of a few new riders myself who have said they found out about us through our web page. GREAT, GREAT work!!!! Check out the new "Recycler Routes" button!!!

Last Couple of Weeks

The last couple of week's rides have really been fun and well attended. Last week (Nov 5th) we did the Old Julian Highway ride. This was a new ride for the Recyclers. The ride masters for that ride were Neil Schneider and Dennis Webb. They both did a great job. The day itself couldn't have been prettier. The ride took us through some really beautiful country out east. The ride was rather difficult going out, as we climbed about 1000 feet from the start of the ride at Dos Picos Park to the ½ way mark at Hwy 78 where we all re- grouped, but the views up to that point were absolutely fantastic. While re-grouping, one of the more coincidental things occurred. As we were waiting for all the Recyclers to finish their ascent to Hwy 78, Walt Zybko decided to tell us all a joke that involved, among other things, camels. Oh yeah, his joke was preceded by Bernie's Joke about getting Camels to drink (you don't want to know, or, if you do, ask Bernie next week). In any case, after hearing the jokes, and they were funny, we started down the road for our rapid descent towards Ramona (a very fun few miles). Just then, I looked over to the right, and I swear, there were two single hump camels. Not trusting myself, as I had many drinks the night before in Newport Beach, I pointed these camels out to a few of my fellow riders (I don't remember who). Much to my surprise, they corroborated my perception that the figures in the distance were, in fact, camels (albeit, not pink). We finished our descent and found ourselves at Packards in Ramona for coffee, other beverages, and muffins. There we were joined my Bob Groff, "Da Wagonmaster" himself, and his friend, Yvonne. It was terrific seeing Bob, as always, made especially nice as Bob treated me to a beverage (thanks again, Bob). It was a great stop and visit (pictures below, courtesy of Greta Larson, but of course). After a bit of conversation, we saddled up for the last few miles back to the start. The ride was really great, so thanks to both of you, Neil and Dennis. We'll look forward to do the ride again soon. Both Walt Zybko and I felt the ride should receive a Recycler rating of challenging.

This last Sunday (Nov 12th) we did one of our tried and true rides, the "Solana Beach Train Station to Oceanside" Ride (or as some of us have come to call it, the "Solana Beach to O'side Ride"). Most of you don't know this, but, Mike and Carole Ziegler actually had planned to join us for this ride. They were, however, a bit dissuaded by the fact that their bike rack broke on the way up to the train station, somewhere on hwy 5 just past hwy 8, damaging Carole's bike. Mike's bike, I understand, seemed to survive the crash in tact, so he cycled on to OB where he discovered that the surf was up, much to his delight. Carole found her way safely back home. There's an unsubstantiated rumor going around that sabotage might be at play here, as Carole's been itching for a new bike. We'll have to wait and see how this one plays out. In any case, the ride was great. Again, the weather cooperated nicely. The morning was a bit brisk, but there was no wind to speak of, save for a bit of a tail wind on the way back, and it was quite sunny and scenic. This ride was really well attended and we had two new riders, one of whom we sort of lost on the way up to the O'Side Harbor, (oops, sorry Don), and one who made it back safely to our starting point and wants to join us again (making us all question his judgment a bit, ha ha). In all seriousness, we welcome you aboard George Olmstead. We're looking forward to more rides with you, and understand that you're going to provide us with a nice North County East route one of these days. Larry Treppel, too, had to drop out on the way up, due to a hip injury, but made it back safely. The ride back was less eventful, or so I hear, because I wasn't really there with the group. Jeff Glenn- Levin and I started back with the group (or so we thought) but started talking politics. The next thing you knew we had each other so riled up we were pedaling at about 20 MPH (a fast pace for me, to be sure). In any case, whatever our pace (I'm sticking with the 20 MPH, Jeff) at some point, Jeff looked up and asked me if I realized we were the only two people on the ride. Sure enough, he was right (kind of got in the zone there). In any case, I enjoyed the ride back (and trust you all did as well). I got home in time for the entire second half of the Chargers' game (an epic defensive masterpiece ending up with something like 90 points scored that day). This ride receives a Recycler Difficulty Rating of "easy +" (i.e. no real hills to speak of on this ride, except for a brief ascent near Moonlight Beach). Check out the pictures below, courtesy of you know who (Greta). How much fun is Dave Nunez having?

THIS WEEKS RIDE, other wise known as "De Ride" (Sunday, Nov 19th, 2006):

This week's ride, scheduled for Sunday, Nov 19th, is brought to us primarily by Marty Weiss and will be referred to as the Darfur ride, as we plan to meet in Balboa Park at a rally to increase our awareness of the genocide taking place in Darfur. The ride itself will be our South Bay Route (which we normally start at the SD County Administration Bldg.), ending up in Coronado for the always enjoyable ferry ride back to SD. This ride, despite the heavy nature of the rally, is listed as an official Recycler "FUN RIDE". No emphasis on speed this day. It's all about having some fun together. In fact, we're suggesting that you bring a friend or two along and we will especially welcome tandem couples for this ride (although you're always welcome, of course). We're going to meet in Balboa Park between 7:45 and 8:00 to attend the beginning of the rally and walk. You can get more information about the genocide and the rally at The starting point of our ride will be in the grassy area on the west side of the Laurel St. Bridge in Balboa Park. It's near Laurel St and 6th Ave. Look for Recycler Jerseys. We may need to park a few blocks away and ride over the start. Just for your information, there is a suggested donation of $23.00 which will get you a t-shirt and the satisfaction of knowing that the money will go to help to stop the genocide and provide aid to the people of Darfur. The donation is, of course, totally voluntary, and the ride is totally independent of the rally, so please participate in the ride under any circumstances. I've printed the directions, as provided by the sponsors, below. If need be, please feel free to call Marty Weiss (619.987.3484) or me, Paul Shragg (760.420.6471), Sunday morning, and we will try to guide you to the group, but I think we'll be quite visible. Route slips will be provided (we promise)


Northbound from I-5:

Take the 6th Avenue exit off I-5 toward downtown. Turn right onto 6th Avenue. Turn right on Laurel Street. Follow the signs to the event.

Southbound from I-5:

From the I-5 heading south, merge onto Highway 163 North toward Escondido. Take the Quince Street exit toward Balboa Park. Stay straight to go onto Qunice Drive. Turn left onto 6th Avenue. Turn left on Laurel Street. Follow the signs to the event.

Southbound from Highway 163:

Take the University Avenue exit off Highway 163 toward downtown. Go straight at the first light off the exit (the exit becomes 6th Avenue). Turn left on Laurel Street. Follow the signs to the event.

Final Tid Bit:

Far be it from me to use guilt as a motivational tool, or prod, if you will, but I just want to say that Marty is really hoping for a good turnout at this week's ride. I plan to be there along with a few friends/relatives (I hope). I, for one, am not going to let you down Marty. I hope you all can make it too. But, no guilt!!!

In all seriousness, we hope you all can make the ride, just for the fun of it!!!!

As always, stay well friends, and I hope you can all make the ride this weekend!!!
Remember to RIDE SAFE and have FUN!!!!