After your first day of cycling, one dream is inevitable. A memory of motion lingers in the muscles of your legs, and round and round they seem to go. You ride through Dreamland on wonderful dream bicycles that change and grow. -- H.G. Wells, The Wheels of Chance

Aptil 1, 2007

In this edition

Greetings all! March was another very successful month for the Recyclers. In addition to our Sunday rides, Marty Weiss threw in a Saturday ride for good measure. All of our rides attracted a good number of folks, and all were very enjoyable and injury free. A quick chronicle of those rides, along with some up coming news and Recyclers' current events follows. The pictures, of course, are courtesy of Greta Larson, and are just a small sampling of the many photos that can be viewed on our web site clicking on the Gallery Tab.

This month in Review

Sunday, March 4th The Jesmond Dean Short Route Ride - This ride was a blast (blast of wind that is). Actually, it really was a fun ride. Except for the occasional gusts of wind, the weather was quite nice. Sam and Sherry Powell, of the Ramona Fun Riders Bicycle Club, joined us on their tandem bike. Sam and Sherry, we enjoy your company and are glad you're riding with us regularly now. Sam, we're anxiously awaiting your proposed 50 miler through Camp Pendleton!

We all met at Neil Schneider's house to begin this somewhat challenging ride. From Neil's house in Poway, we headed across Lake Hodges to Escondido, then north through Bear Valley Parkway and Citrus Avenue to the North side of Escondido. We then made the climb up Jesmond Dene to old 395 before heading back down the old Highway through Escondido, with a rest stop at Felecita Park.

We returned to Neil's house along Pomerado Road, where Neil and his wife, Debbie, welcomed us all into their home for our infamous Recyclers' coffee hour following the ride. Bananas, breakfast bars, coffee and juice we're provided courtesy of Neil and Debbie Schneider, while Paul Shragg provided doughnuts and muffins all the way from VG doughnuts in Cardiff. It was great getting to meet Neil's wife Debbie and their delightful grandson Michael. Michael had to fend of Jeff Glenn-Levin's feeble attempt at stealing his doughnut.

Neil and Debbie Frank entertains himself Group Picture On the road

Sunday, March 11th - The Old Julian Hwy Ride -- Another well attended ride. The weather was quite windy at times, making the climb up the old highway a tad more difficult than normal. The ride down the old highway was especially enjoyable, amazing really. It seemed to be at least a one hour climb with only a 10 minute descent.

This is a really nice ride that starts out at Dos Picos Park in Ramona and continues, for most of the ride, on roads that are fairly free of car traffic. The skies were clear and the views magnificent. Neil Schneider and Dennis Webb assumed the "ride master" duties for this one, and did a great job.

The coffee stop, Packards in beautiful downtown Ramona, is one of our favorites. We were offered two routes from Packards back to the starting point , so the group split up for the final few miles.

A few trusting souls followed Sam Powell on his "North Ramona Route", while the rest of the group went according to the route slip. All, however, returned safe and sound to the starting point, ready to ride again the following week.

Good Turnout Neil out front Dennis Group on the road Packards Coffee Shop

The weekend of March 17th and 18th A Recycler ride was provided on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, which has come to be known (thanks to Greta) as the Saint Paddy's Day Double Header.

Luck of the Irish?

Saturday, March 17th The Del Cerro to Charlie's Best Breads and Back Ride -- Marty Weiss was the ride master for this ride. A small but determined group showed up in the cool weather for the 31.5 mile ride from Del Cerro to Pacific Beach and back.

The route went through the Allied Gardens residential area, then through Mission Valley to Sea World Dr and around Mission Bay to Charlie's Best Breads at Lamont and Garnet Ave.

Marty made route slips but was too embarrassed to give them out because they were so long. The route slips looked like the Recyclers were headed to Los Angeles, or somewhere of a similar distance from the starting point.

Marty did his best to lead the pack from start to finish. To his credit, nobody got lost. Since it was St Patrick's Day, the bread of choice for most of us was Irish soda bread with raisins.

The Recyclers were offered a bargain, only a dollar ($1.00!!) for a good sized sample slice and a cup of coffee. We had a table in front of the bakery and enjoyed the bread, coffee, and, of course, swapping stories (some of which, I understand were even true)!

We were entertained with Frank's account about growing up in New York as the only Puerto Rican in an otherwise Irish neighborhood and his adventures at Catholic school.

It was still cool when we left Charlie's. It didn't warm up until we were nearly back to the starting point. The climb up Twain St is as steep a slope as we've done! Fortunately it is only 4/10 of a mile. It was about there, that most of us had peeled off our jackets or vests for the climb back into Del Cerro.

Carol Sawaya couldn't make the ride because of work. Our route took as past the office where she works. Marty couldn't resist stopping to verify Carol's story (alibi), that she wasn't riding because she had to work. Carol was telling the truth, as Greta's visual evidence proves (see below). Be forewarned, if you don't come to the Recyclers, the Recyclers will come to you!

Carol at work 3 Amigos

Sunday March 18th - "Tour de Rancho Santa Fe" Ride - Jeff Glenn Levin assumed the "ride master" duties for this short but moderately challenging (34 miles 1731 ft. climb) ride...Not!!! Jeff wasn't able to show for this one.

That's not entirely true, he did show up in his car, with his wife, well dressed in street clothes. But he was prepared and eager to "tell us where to go". We met Jeff on the corner of Paseo Delicias and Avenue de Acacia after our stop at Cafe Positivo, where he gave us directions for our next stage, a loop around San Dieguito Reservoir.

Good work Jeff!!! I can only imagine what he said to his wife after running into us. Probably something like, "who were those guys?"

Neil Schenieder and Paul Shragg assumed the role of "ride masters" for this one, with a little help from their friends! Actually, they needed quite a lot of help from their friends.

Neil got separated from the group at the beginning, because he stopped to lend a hand to William Riggs who had some bike trouble. Paul Shragg had a flat tire halfway up the 56 bike path, cutting him off from the group. Everyone regrouped at the coffee shop in Rancho Santa Fe.

It's a great route that starts at the Solana Beach Train Station. We rode out to the Pacific Coast Highway and onto the Highway 56 bike path. We traveled to Camino Del Sur, then we headed north. We rode through Fairbanks Ranch and into the Rancho Santa Fe Village Center for Coffee (with the rich and famous). Then we did a lap around San Dieguito Reservoir. We rode back out to the coast through scenic Rancho Santa Fe, returning to the train station.

Flat tire Scenic Route Sunday March 18, 2007

Sunday March 25th - The Cabrillo National Monument Ride

The month ended with our tried and true, The Cabrillo National Monument Ride. It was a bit cold and overcast for this ride, but it was a great ride none-the-less.

Mike Ziegler assumed (more like assigned) ride master duties for this one. Frank thought Paul was the ride master...that's another story. One of our more familiar and easier routes, as a consequence we didn't loose anyone.

Neal Anthony, has been very busy lately, but found some time to ride. It was great seeing him again.

We were joined on this ride for the second time by Tom Sullivan, our new friend from Washington State. You can see Tom below with Bernie Giesing and Michael Goldbau. OK, so he doesn't have the best judgment . Thanks for joining us Tom. Great meeting you and hope that we will someday all get to ride together again.

Bernie, Mkie and Tom at Cabrillo Monument

Our coffee stop on this day was at Dennis Webb's favorite haunt, known by some of us as the "little yellow coffee shop", which, by the way, has been known to bring smile to some of our Recyclers friend's faces.

Paul's big smile Carol & Dave at coffee stop

The traditional banter and camaraderie that seems to accompany our every coffee stop was particularly evident on this day! And, we even learned some "Southern Etiquette", Dennis Webb style.

Dennis demonstrates southern etquette by placing a plate on his head Cabrillo National Monument Ride

Upcoming Special Events

Sunday, April 15th - The Knish Kruise - Folks, Marty Weiss has arranged a special event for our ride scheduled for April 15th. Essentially, it is our El Monte Park Ride with a different start/stop point.

We can all enjoy a brunch buffet provided by Marina Cohen after the ride (The start/stop point on this day will be Woodglen Vista Park in Santee). The April 15th, the ride will be known as the Knish Kruise.

Please RSVP if you wish to paticipate in the brunch part of this event. It will cost those choose to participate $7.00 - $7.50. Participation in the brunch, of course, is optional. Everyone is welcome to ride whether or not you choose to purchase the brunch. Please let Marty or Paul know ASAP, if you'd like to buy the brunch. We encourage you to invite family and friends who might want to ride with us, or simply meet us at the park for brunch.

Sunday June 10th - First annual Recyclers' Bicycle Club Picnic - Watch this space for more information, mark your calendars!!!! We're still planning this event. It will be a pot luck affair. A gas grill will be provided for those of us who want to Barbeque. We'll have ice chests to keep our drinks and meats cold while we ride.

This event will be open to all who want to attend (riders or not). We're considering making this a fund-raiser for the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. But mostly we're just out to have some fun!

Final Tidbits:

  1. Again, we just really want to acknowledge the work that both Neil Schneider and Greta Larson, in particular, are doing on our behalf. Thanks you guys!!! Neil continues to put in a tremendous amount of work on the web site and the cycle-list listserv.

    The web site is new and improved, so check it out folks! Greta continues to chronicle our rides with her great photography and PHOTOSHOP enhancements, posting her efforts to our site weekly. Thanks Greta.

    Folks, there are many more pictures of us all on the web site, so make sure to check them out ). Thank you to you both for the work you do on behalf of all of us Recyclers.

  2. As always, however, the real thanks goes out to all of you Recyclers. We all are the reason each and every week's ride is an enjoyable and fun experience. This really is a terrific club. The stories we share, the jokes we tell, the banter back and fourth make each week's events something to look forward to.
Until then, stay well friends, and we hope you can all make the ride this weekend!!!
Remember to RIDE SAFE and have FUN!!!!